вторник, 7 декабря 2010 г.

vocabulary. baby stroller & pram

baby stroller детская прогулочная коляска
lightweight stroller легкая прогулочная коляска
telescopic handle телескопическая ручка
baby pram детская коляска люлька
pram width ширина люльки
prambody люлька
chassis шасси коляски
weight chassis вес шасси
wheel size размер колеса
footmuff накидка на ноги
raincover дождевик
from birthс рождения

среда, 10 февраля 2010 г.

Phonetics lesson

Brief description of individual phonetics lessons via Skype:

Part 1. Vowel sounds

This part is devoted to 5 vowel sounds which are usually not very difficult to pronounce for English speaking people.

Part 2. Hard consonants

Hard consonant sounds of the Russian language are very similar to the consonant sounds of English.

Part 3. Soft consonants

The main purpose of this part is to demonstrate the phonetic difference between hard and soft consonant sounds in the Russian language.

Part 4. The most difficult sounds

This lesson covers consonant and vowel sounds which have nothing in common with English sounds and present the biggest difficulty for those who learn Russian.

At the beginning of lesson you will find exercises to train the pronunciation of isolated sounds and syllables. After that, there are exercises containing Russian words with these sounds.

If you're interested in learning Russian with а native speaker teacher online, please write letter annamor @ list.ru.

пятница, 6 ноября 2009 г.

Russian individual lessons via Skype.

There is nothing like actually speaking the language with a native when it comes to building your confidence in speaking Russian. A native speaker teacher online use a balanced approach, combining grammar with communicative activities.

Lessons are conducted via Skype. To download Skype go to www.skype.com Skype provides free, high-quality internet telephony and is extremely simple and easy to download, install, and use. The quality of voice transmission is excellent.

You will be provided with all information necessary to schedule the introductory
conversation via email with me. A teacher will lead the conversation in either English or Russian depending on your skill level and preference.

The students with any level of Russian are welcome. A teacher will make a course for you that will meet all your language needs.

An introductory 15 minutes lesson is free of charge.

A 60 min. lesson costs $ 30. This price also includes all learning
materials and the homeworks which you'll be sent by email.

If you're interested in learning Russian with а native speaker teacher online, please write me letter here http://www.youtube.com/user/liveworda.

понедельник, 20 июля 2009 г.

Define your level of Russian Language

ADVANCED You use Russian in a wide range of situations. You can devote your time to expanding you active vocabulary with specific and professional terminology as per your needs. Improve your conversational skills, learn new speech patterns, read Russian books in original!

Your Russian is fluent enough, but there's still little confidence in your skills. You will learn how to conduct discussions and negotiations in Russian. Work on complex grammar aspects, enrich your vocabulary and improve your speech accuracy!

INTERMEDIATE You are able to make everyday conversations. You will develop your fluency, i.e. you will speak quicker and more accurate. Work on your grammar and enlarge your word-stock!

LOWER INTERMEDIATE You understand Russian in basic situations, but you are restricted in expressing your own thoughts. You have fair knowledge of Russian necessary to communicate in everyday life. You want to work on grammar, vocabulary and develop your understanding of oral speech.
BEGINNER You have a small stock of vocabulary, communication skills, and grammatical structures.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER You know just a few words.

четверг, 16 июля 2009 г.

Materials for learning Russian

For beginners

Egorova A. "Collected stories of exercises for Russian language"
Zhuravleva "Practical Russian language course for beginners"
Ovsienko U. "Russian for beginners"
Miller L., Politova L. "Zhyli-byli…"
Khavronina S. "Speaking Russian…"
"Russky jizyk dl'a inostranny uchashihsa srednih specialnyh uchebnyh zavedenii"
Anikina M.N. "In Russia with love"
Antonova N.P. "Vzglyad"
Akishin A.P., Treskova S. "Russian language for 10 days"
Antonova V., Nahabina M. "The road to Russia"
Vasilenko E., Lamm. The complete set of 3 manuals "60 lessons in Russian"
Glazunova O. "Let`s speak Russian"

For intermediate/advanced level students

Pisartchik " We are the same but we are different…"
Bashlakova "Which predlog? Which padez?"
Chashni "Let's talking…"
Kruchkova L.S., Dunaeva L.A., Levshina N.N. "Russian Language as a foreing…"
Shustikova T. V., Atabecova A.A. "Russian language as a foreign. Russian vebs."
Annushkin V. I., Akishina A. A., Jarkova T. L. "It's easy to get acquanted, it's hard to part"
Bordugovsky M.U. "Russkiye glagoly - 11 "portretov""
Popova T., Urkov E. "Pogovorim!"
Skvortsova G.L. "Glagoly dvizeniya - bez oshibok"
Antonova V., Andrushkina G. "Vzglyad"
Volodina G. "Russian language for foreign people"
Gapochka I. "I read texts in Russian…"
Kostina I., Aleksandrova N. "Perspektiva"
Lariohina N. "Practical Russian course for foreign people"Part1,Part2
Tzariova M. "Keep on studying Russian…"
N. Tsareva, M. Budiltseva and others "Continue to study Russian" (base course) "Prodolzhaem izuchat Russky jazyk".
Khavronina S., Kharlamova L. "Reading and speaking Russian"
Khavronina S., Shirochnskaya A. "Russian in exercises"
E.Andrews, G .Averyanova, G. Pyadusova " The Russian verb" Form and Functions
Mashovets N.E. "Samovar"
Odintsova "He and She"
Korotkova "Talking in Russian"

среда, 15 июля 2009 г.

Russian song

When did you listen Russian song last time?

I think the song "Alla Pugacheva-1983 Million Roses" is very good.
Try to understand it.